in just five days I will return to the promised land

happy birthday

Four years ago today, I started this blog in the midst of the Winter Olympics and a devastating breakup. I wanted it to be an outlet for my heartbreak and something new that would keep me entertained. Little did I know that I was in the springtime of my life, literally and figuratively.

Weeks later, I would begin a new relationship; months later, I would graduate from high school and win the state championship lacrosse game. I will soon graduate from college, spend my last summer at camp (but maybe not, if I have my way), and head out into the big wide world of my adult life. This blog has seen both an aching and a happy heart, depression and anxiety attacks, self-discovery and self-doubt, questions, answers, thoughts, musings, and many beautiful pictures along the way. 

Happy birthday to Human of the Year, this blog that has acted as both an outlet and a source of inspiration for me for four long years. Cheers!