happy birthday

Four years ago today, I started this blog in the midst of the Winter Olympics and a devastating breakup. I wanted it to be an outlet for my heartbreak and something new that would keep me entertained. Little did I know that I was in the springtime of my life, literally and figuratively.

Weeks later, I would begin a new relationship; months later, I would graduate from high school and win the state championship lacrosse game. I will soon graduate from college, spend my last summer at camp (but maybe not, if I have my way), and head out into the big wide world of my adult life. This blog has seen both an aching and a happy heart, depression and anxiety attacks, self-discovery and self-doubt, questions, answers, thoughts, musings, and many beautiful pictures along the way. 

Happy birthday to Human of the Year, this blog that has acted as both an outlet and a source of inspiration for me for four long years. Cheers!

you’d think that people would understand my “slavish” dedication to schoolwork after remembering that I once failed an entire semester. but no, I still get harassed (especially by my roommates) for not “going out” on a regular basis. I’m sorry, maybe I went from one extreme to the other. but it sure feels a hell of a lot better to get five 4.0’s and two 3.5’s in one semester than to get five failing grades and have to explain to your parents why you didn’t pass a single class during the second half of your freshman year. I am certainly not a nerd now, by any means - I do everything it takes to get an A in classes, but I procrastinate like hell, don’t study for tests, and play around on the internet during class if it’s possible. I just realized at some point that skipping class means you’ll fail. I was throwing away my poor parents’ money hand over fist when I slept in instead of going to school. yes, I have a job and an internship. yes I have a full courseload. and yes I am going to graduate on time, with five internships under my belt, and I will hopefully be gainfully employed by the end of 2014. so f*** all the haters, I will miss out on blacking out at burgerama every thursday afternoon, but at least I will get better grades than you.

Describe your perfect day.

I love traveling, so I’d want to be on my way somewhere. Verrrry early in the morning - I want to have the whole day at my disposal. It could be a place I’ve been before, or a new place I’ve always wanted to visit. Doesn’t matter. Jack would be with me. We would eat delicious food for breakfast and lunch, see some interesting things, maybe buy a few things, take a nice nap, eat dinner at a great restaurant, go see some more stuff or do an activity, get some one-on-one time in (wink wink), have drinks, and sleep in the most comfortable bed ever.

Or I would just be surrounded by good food, Jack, and corgis. Either one.

My sister is a freshman and was just offered a bid from one of the sororities at her private liberal arts college. Every chapter on campus is a “local” sorority, founded at that school, and they are not supervised by national organizations. She expressed to me concerns that hazing is a well-known fact at their school, and that because their campus is dry, “hazing is what we do here because we can’t just party all the time.” She said she and her friend are joining the same one and they are “all freaked out,” and that “everyone talks about it and makes jokes about it and I don’t know if it’s true but I don’t want to find out.” I am lucky enough to be a member of an international organization that does not allow or support hazing in any fashion, which made it possible for me to go through my new member period without fear of being used or abused. I am so afraid for my sister. I am proud of her for taking the steps to join a Greek community, but I don’t want her to miss out on an otherwise great experience for fear of being abused. She mentioned something involving a hot dog… but I want her to realize that hazing goes so far beyond the typical “circle the fat spots and sit on a piece of newspaper” stereotypes. Being paraded around at fraternities, forced to drink, tied up or locked in a closet or room, driven somewhere and being forced to find your way home, being forced into service as “safe rides” or “slaves” for particular sisters… I love my sister and I don’t want any of that to happen to her. I want to contact Hazing Prevention or their Greek Life advisor, but I don’t have any evidence or proof to back me up. It’s unfortunate that such organizations continue to support the negative stereotypes that non-Greeks are constantly pushing. I’m not sure what to do here.

me and my best guy. love this person.

Nate Holt proudly holds up his definition of why he loves real food. Food day is an event to celebrate the importance of locally grown, organic foods versus the unnaturally processed foods we normally eat.

my bff nate! yeeee boy!