florence + the machine was pretty decent last night. hearing them live made me want to get into their music more, which was good. but she acted kind of weird, skipped around a lot, and didn’t really get the audience into the performance at all. (her dress was FAB though!) maybe that’s not really the kind of music you get into live? i don’t think sooo… the audience and sufjan stevens had a total connection when i saw him live, and his music is even more chill than hers is! my dad made fun of her for screeching hahaha. anyway, i saw someone who said “florence was soooo great! U2 was dull.” you’re stupid. U2 was incredible, and florence was all right.
but honestly, after seeing U2, i literally forgot that florence + the machine even performed. sorry flo - love you, but you’re no bono :]
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    I got to see them too!!!! (while selling ice cream and shit) :)
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