goodbye, east lansing

goodbye, comm arts. I will miss your blank brick walls and maze of windowless hallways. the amount of knowledge and inspiration that your people poured into my brain is unfathomable.

goodbye, all of the buildings whose walls sheltered me as I learned. goodbye, giltner hall, where I had my first college course ever. goodbye, sidewalks and roads whose paths I could navigate with eyes closed.

goodbye beaumont tower. I know that every time I come back for a visit and hear your bells, I’ll get that “college” feeling again.

goodbye to my tiny apartment (where I spent so many nights and days crying) and my dirty house (where I spent so many nights and days angry) and my dorm room (where I learned how to do college) and my sorority house (where I was always surrounded by friends). so many memories were made in all of those places and I hope I can remember them always.

goodbye to all of the restaurants and shops and places I’ve become so accustomed to visiting whenever the mood strikes me. seems insignificant, but it’s not.

this place is like a cocoon — you enter as a naive little bug and emerge as a fully-grown butterfly. 

today was the last day of college. tomorrow is the last day of my internship. monday is the first weekday of the rest of my life.


Nate Holt proudly holds up his definition of why he loves real food. Food day is an event to celebrate the importance of locally grown, organic foods versus the unnaturally processed foods we normally eat.

my bff nate! yeeee boy!
360-degree panorama of the trees between Dem Hall and Munn Arena on Michigan State University’s campus. 2/21/13

Bessey Hall, 1960’s and 2011!  (Photo by Michael Samsky)

MSU! love love loveeee

You know you go to Michigan State if…

- You worry about being tear gassed during March Madness

- An 8am class is out of the question, but you’ve never been late for that 6am tailgate wake-up call

- Even though it’s -10 degrees outside, you’re still not wearing a coat to the bar

- Midnight Scream is the highlight of your exam week

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the people at the wedding reception last night made the DJ pause his song so they could sing “hail to the victors” and needless to say i had to RESIST THE URGE TO SCREAM “GOOOOO GREEEEEN!!!!!!!” instead i muttered to my colleague “i can’t stand this shit” 
Michigan State - Fall Rush 2010
Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Omicron Pi, Kappa Delta ♥
Armstrong for lyfe! 

Students kiss on the steps of Williams Hall (at the time an all-female dorm) right before curfew, 1950.